about02-320The Consumer Research Panel (CRP) is a group of patients and carers involved in health care research.

Our aim is to increase and improve collaboration between patients, carers, and the public who have practical knowledge about the management of their conditions, and the healthcare professionals who ask questions about whether a condition can be better managed, and how can patient outcomes be improved.


Such collaboration in research can bring about not only improved survival for cancer patients, but also better dressings, more effective procedures, and to even saying “are we asking the right questions for the patients?”

Research studies run the full gamut of patient care, from surgery to drugs, from prevention to cure to living as well as is possible.

We encourage you to browse the site, and see what interests you. If you need more information or wish to take part, make contact.


Most organisations will provide training. You will also find sociable groups of people with the same interests as yourself, and the same objectives – To make things better.


Consumer Research Panel Terms of Reference